Empty Can. Really?

Created by 2 artists from Montreal, Empty Can™is a brand for misfit skaters, fighting gentlemen, and open-minded people who live without worries.

We believe in being old school & fun because we want to keep it real and be close to our customers. We will actively participate in the Montreal art scene in order to stay true to who we are and continuously innovate. This is because we know that design & fashion can easily become dull and we understand that you need to feel unique. Which is why Empty Can provides you with exclusive designs based on classic cartoons that are playful, yet creepy. We will always participate in the Montreal Art Scene, as we’ve done it since 2012.

Our story is based on truths; we sell good quality clothes in cans and promote creativity, boldness and freedom. It helps you feel unique while making you feel like you belong to the “Empty Clan”